Steve Stricker shares a Tip on his PrePutt Waggle

Highlights:  Steve Stricker discusses a preputt technique he uses in order to relieve tension and get his putting tempo and rhythm going.

Summary of Key Putting Tips:

  • Steve discusses his pre shot waggle or motion to get your putting stoke going.
  • What he likes to do is bounce the putter and give it a little forward press.
  • The caution here is not to do it too much because this can lead to some bad tendencies, miss alignment and some other bad things that you do not want to happen during your putting stroke.
  • The main benefit of a preshot waggle, similar to one you may take during a regular full stroke on the fairway or tee, is that it well jump start your putting stroke and help relieve some of the tension out of your arms.
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2 thoughts on “Steve Stricker shares a Tip on his PrePutt Waggle

  1. Is a preshot waggle not counted as an airshot?

    • I do not believe so. The definition of an airshot is “a player addresses the balls, swings, and completely misses the golf-ball.” With a waggle the player is not making a complete swing and therefore not a airshot. The only way for an airshot to apply to a putting is when a golfer makes a complete putting stroke and completely misses the ball.

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