Reading Greens for Line and Break

HIGHLIGHTS: Denis Pugh PGA Master Professional gives putting tips on determining the correct line and break on putts.

Source: GolfLessonsVideos

Summary of Key Putting Tips:

  • The line of the putt is crucial once you have the right speed in mind then it is all about the correct line.
  • It is important to survey the last 6-12 inches around the hole because when the ball slows down it well be the most effect from any tilt or grain pattern.
  • Look for the high point of your putt. This is the maximum your putt well go up when it is traveling at the correct speed.
  • During your practice routine you can put a tee in the ground to mark the high point and use as a guide.
  • Remember that putts are straight and that the contour of the green is what makes a putt break.

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