Two Things Phil Mickelson Says You Must Have in Your Putting Game

HIGHLIGHTS: PGA tour professional Phil Mickelson goes over two must follow key putting fundamentals in these two short videos. He explains the importance of Putter head alignment and what your hands need to do during your putting stroke.

Source: CompEdgeMedia

Source: CompEdgeMedia

Summary of Key Putting Tips:

  • The most critical thing and all that matters is the alignment of your putter club face at impact
  • You can make the best stroke possible but with incorrect alignment your ball will travel off the target line
  • He emphasizes that you must work on putter cub head alignment first before moving on to anything else.
  • A one must in all putting stokes is that your hands must continue along the target line.
  • All go putters have their hands continue on into the target line.
  • If you stop your hands to soon you will be changing the loft and changing the putter clubface angle


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