Tunnel Drill -Improving Accuracy

The Tunnel Drill is a drill to help you with swinging the putter square to the target line, improving your accuracy and proper set up.

To start the tunnel drill find a practice area that is relatively flat.

• Pick out a practice hole that is relatively flat.

• Use the width of your putter head to place two tees into the ground the width of the putter. Place these two tees about six feet from the hole.golf-putting-tunnel-drill-club-head-opening-words

• Now place two more tees right near the front of the hole. Then tie a string connecting the tees forming an imaginary tunnel. You will have two sets of tees tied about six feet in length.

• If you do not have string you could also use two club shafts to form your tunnel. Also, you can form your tunnel with a few more sets of tees.

golf-putting-tunnel-drill-quide-words• You can also visualize this as a set of railroad tracks.

• Place a ball about eight inches in side the tunnel that is away from the hole.

• Now align your putter clubhead so it is square to the target line.

The goal here is to use the guide strings for aligning your eyes, hips, shoulders and feet so they are all parallel to the target line.

• Begin taking practice putts by keeping your club face aiming directly down the target line and using the railroad tracks as your guide.golf-putting-tunnel-drill-quide-words-2

• Keep practicing until you can consistently keep the ball inside the tunnel. If your ball is rolling out side the tunnel you should be better able to correct it by noticing your putter not staying parallel to the target line.

• This is a great practice drill for shorter putts that do not require a lot of putter swing length.

In addition the Tunnel Drill will also help your longer putts because you will have improved on keeping you body properly aligned and your putter stoke square to the target line.