Parallel Clubs Drill – Improving Accuracy

The main benefit of this golf putting drill is to help you keep your wrists from turning during your putting stoke. If the wrists flex during your stoke it is very difficult to hit the ball wrists-breaking

This drill also teaches rhythm and flow and gives both hands an equal role and helps prevent either hand from becoming to dominating.

To Begin This Drill:

golf-putting-parrallel-clubs-drill– Hold a club in both your right and left hand and hold them so they are about four inches apart.

– Now swing the clubs back and forth as if your putting.

– The goal is keep the clubs parallel and 4″ apart as you swing.

– You do not want the clubs touch as you swing.

– At a first glance this may look fairly easy but actually it is quite difficult.

– It requires a lot of hand and eye coordination to keep the clubs from touching and also to keep them exactly 4″ apart.

Once you practice this drill you will quickly see that any flexing of the wrists will make the putters touch. Also, by trying to keep the clubs a constant distance apart it really makes the two arms and hands work as one unit.

Continue practicing this drill until your able to do it six times in a row correctly. Keep practicing a few times a week until your able to preform it every time. This is also a great warm up routine on the practice green before a round.