All in a Row Drill – Warm Up & Controlling Distance

Overview: The benefits of this golf putting drill is similiar to the circle drill in which it helps your tempo and rhythm but also works on your feel for distance.To begin with line up seven to eight balls in a row. golf-putting-drills-all-in-row-words
•Start with the closest ball to hole and putt.
•Keep moving father out until you have putted all of the balls.
•Your target line will be the same for each putt so the only variable is distance.
•As you make each putt you will begin to develop a feel for how long of stoke you need to make.
•Line up your balls all in a row and start with the ball closest to the hole.
•Continue putting each ball until you have come to the end of the row. Keeping your body aligned to the target line and adding a little extra stroke length to each putt.


Remember that you want to control distance based on the length of your stroke and not by any wrist action. Next Make Two Rows with the first row spacing the balls four feet apart. Now make the second row also spacing the balls four apart but start this row two foot closer to the hole.

Start with the first row and the ball closest to the hole. Then go to the second row and the first ball closest to the hole. Then rotate back and forth between the rows.

What we are adding to the drill is a different target line between the rows. Again we are working on distance but also developing sense of pace and rhythm.

golf-putting-drill-all-in-rowEyes Closed Drill: Now repeat the entire putting drill with your eyes closed just like in the circle drill.

It is extremely important to ingrain the feeling of each different distance in your subconscious.

The goal is make this second nature so you know exactly how hard to hit the ball for the distance you want to achieve.

– Start your routine by hitting short putts to gain confidence.
– See the putt in your mind first.
– Trust in your natural instincts and hours of practice.
– Focus on positive results.
– Stop taking “gimme putt” because they develop negative mind set.
– The more relax you are the more likely you will be able to avoid the “putting yips”.