Gate Drill – Improving Accuracy

GATE DRILL: After becoming fairly consistent with keeping your ball straight with the tunnel drill you can now practice the Gate Drill. This is a favorite putting drill practiced often by Tiger Woods and the main benefit is to improve your accuracy.


All this requires is two tees spread apart the width of your putter.

Set your spread tees roughly 5-6 feet from the hole.

golf-putting-gate-drill-wordsStand back about six feet behind the gate opening and practice getting your balls through the opening of the two tees. Practice this drill with the same stoke length with about a dozen balls.

The goal is to get every putt through the gate and touch each other on the other side.

Once you are able to master this drill you will see significant improvements in the accuracy of your putting. Mainly due to fine tuning your set up and keeping your stoke path correctly along the target line.

You can also vary the distance between the gate and the hole and where you putt from and the gate opening.

 Gate Putting Drill Video


Key Point: In putting it is critical that your club head is square and keeps parallel to the target line. An important key point to putting straight is having your shoulders, arms and putter act as one unit. The stroke should be a smooth one piece upper body motion with almost no body rotation. The shoulders will rotate as you swing while your head and lower body remains stationary.


Putting Practice Tip: Around most greens you can find a spot where the edge of the green is straight for about three feet. When the edge of a green meets the fairway there is a clear distinction because of the greens grass cut is shorter and is much

While your on the green waiting for your turn or before a game you can use this edge to check to see if your putter stoke is nice and parallel. Simple take a few stokes and check to see if your putter club head is staying along the edge. If not then only a few minor adjustments to your set up maybe all that is needed.