Stroke Length Drill – Controlling Distance

Putting Stoke Length: The lengthen of your backstroke should be about the same distance as your follow through length. We do not want to apply any sudden burst of power with our hands. If we want to make a 30 foot putt we should not take the club back only a few inches and then suddenly try to hit it hard to make the hole. With this drill we want to practice on controlling the correct length of our backswing and follow through swing.

Note the length of the backstroke is an area where some pro trainers recommend different advice. Some advocate the 1/3 – 2/3 rule. That is, take the putter back 1/3 the length and the follow through should be 2/3 of the total length. However, the one thing that is agreed upon is do not have your backstroke greater than your follow through. Remember, your controlling distance by varying the length of your stoke.

golf-putting-drills-stroke-length-wordsTo Begin:

• Use four balls for this drill.

• Three balls will be used as your guide and will form a row.

• The back ball will mark off how far back you want your back stoke length, the center ball is where you will be putting from and the forward ball is how far you want your follow through length to be.

• Place another ball, this is the ball you will be putting, a few inches away from the center ball and parallel to the row.

•Now practice taking a putt with the objective of taking back your putter head no farther back than the back ball as your guide and no more forward than the front ball as your guide.

golf-putting-drills-short-putt-words1For practicing shorter putts move the guide balls closer, for medium putts a little farther apart and even farther apart for long putts.

Many average golfers have a problem of too short of a follow through length. They do not complete the stroke because they are to anxious to look up to quickly.

• For shorter putts spread out your guide balls closer together.

• The white and red line above represents the entire length of the stoke for a shorter putt.

• Practice hitting about 10 balls from this spot.

• If your stoke length is consistent and your rhythm is the same then all the putts should travel the same distance.

golf-putting-drills-long-putt-words1• Now repeat the same practice from the outside guide balls for a longer putt. Again, the goal is for all the balls to go the distance.

Remember the goal of this golf putting drill is to control the length of your stoke because this is the main element that should determine the distance of your putt.

Maintain a smooth rhythm and tempo to all of your strokes and try not to swing harder for longer putts and softer for shorter putts.

Keep practicing this golf putting drill until you can consistently achieve the same distance with varying lengths of your putting stoke.

If you change the speed of the putter by swinging slow then fast or fast to slow you will not be able to consistently control your distance. You goal is to have a smooth and flowing tempo through out your entire swing.


PUTTING TIP: Many average golfers have a problem of too short of a follow through length. The reason for this is because they look up too soon. They do not complete the stroke because they are to anxious to see where the ball went. This results is their shoulders will turn too soon and the putter clubface will not be square to the target line.

If this is a problem for you, try counting to two in your mind before looking up. You want to form a habit that is second nature of staying down well after the follow through of your stoke is finished.