Circle Drill – Warm Up & Building Confidence

This is a golf putting drill the professionals will practice over and over again, both at the start of their routine and at the end. A great warm up drill and the benefits are to help establish your rhythm and consistency and help you quickly gain you only have a few minutes before a game use this time by hitting a series of short putts to build confidence.


To Begin this Drill:
  • Start by setting six to seven golf balls in a circle around the hole each a clubs length away about three feet.
  • Then begin by putting each one and continue until you can get the entire circle in with out missing.
  • Repeating this will help you quickly gain confidence and develop your tempo and rhythm.

Once your able to get the entire circle in without missing, then start another circle but this time place every other ball five feet away. Now you will be Now you will be hitting a three foot putt then a five foot putt.

Remember to keep checking your setup and posture. Your feet, shoulders and eyes should all be parallel to the target line. In addition, your back stroke length should not be more than your follow thru length.

This will help you develop a feel for distance along with tempo and rhythm.

Here expert Hill Mark demonstates the circle drill using a three foot distance.


Eyes Closed Drill: Now repeat the entire putting drill with your eyes closed. Just before hitting the ball close your eyes. You have already gotten the feel from the first round, so now you want to ingrain that feeling in your subconscious. 
There is no better drill for practicing distance control then practicing with your eyes closed. The ability to visualize a putt in your mind will significantly improve your speed, distance and to trust your stoke.