There are two fundamentals to all good putting posture and that is getting as comfortable as you can and secondly making sure your eyes are directly over the ball at address. Although many professionals have slight variations in their stance, there are key elements that will enable you to be a successful putter.

  • First, square the putter head to the ball and target line then position your feet so they are also parallel to the target line.
  • Your feet should be spread about the width of your shoulders and your weight distributed evenly between both feet .
  • You now want to align your knees and hips so they are also square to the ball and line of putt.
  • The ball should be positioned slightly forward of the middle of your stance.
  • Bend forward at the hip so your arms hang down in a comfortable manner. You will also want a slight bend in your knees.
  • Finally, make sure your eyes and shoulders are also parallel to the target line.

golf-lessons-putter-over-eyesPosition of Your Eyes: The position of your eyes in relationship to the ball is very critical. If your eyes are lined up outside the target line you will not be able to successfully strike the ball squarely to the target line. First you want to be sure your eyes are directly over the ball and secondly, that your eyes are parallel to the target line.

A way to test the position of your eyes is to have a friend drop a ball from the bridge between your eyes. If the ball dropped hits your putting ball you will know you are properly set up.



Butch Harmon Putting Eye Alignment

World renowned golf instructor and golf coach for PGA TOUR stars, Butch Harmon, presents a golf tip that helps you set up the alignment of your eyes in your putting set up.

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