PrePutt Routine

putting-lesson-red-target-lineFrom the moment you get on the green it is time to begin to figure out how you will sink the putt. The key here is to have a routine that will cover all the steps in which you need to make good decisions and to perform that same routine exactly the same way every time without fail.
The more information that you can gather, the better decisions you will make. By getting in the habit of following the same routine every time you will know that you have covered all the bases and have not forgot anything.


If you watch the professional players their routines never vary and if they do get distracted they go right back to the beginning and start over.


STEPS TO TAKE:(1) Before trying to determine the line of putt, you should first take a careful examination of the overall layout of the green and the features around it. What your actually doing is taking a macro analysis first. Take this view while you are approaching the green and you are still about 10 or 15 yards away.For example, is there a lake or pond nearby (the ball will tend to break towards them) or is there an overall tilt to the green that you can only detect from stepping back. Only after considering those factors is it time to studying the line of your putt. With that in mind, below is a seven step routine that you can implement.

(2) Take your first close view of the putt by squatting down directly behind the ball and facing the hole. You want to start to formulate the correct line, slope and speed.putting-lesson-pre-put-pro

(3) Walk to the right and take a side view to help in your decision making.

On long putts, measure the distance of your putt based on the number paces you take from your ball to the hole while you are reading the green.

For example, if your looking at a 30 to 40 foot putt but are not quite sure of the distance, count how many paces you are taking from your ball to hole while your surveying the green. If your pace is about 3 feet and you took 10 paces then you have a more accurate reading and your putting distance is about 30 feet.

Use these measurements to become more consistent, rather than rough estimating the distance and also the amount of speed your going to apply to the ball.

putting-lesson-pre-put-setup(4) Next examine the area around the hole close up for anything unusual and then walk behind the hole and crouch down to get another view.

(5) Walk back to the ball clockwise so you will have a left side view and this will have given you a complete look at all angles.

(6) After determining your line of putt, stand parallel to the target line and make two practice stokes.

(7) Square the putter head to the ball and set your feet.

(8) Take a final look at your line by swiveling your head and take your stoke.

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