Key Putting Fundamentals

What is helpful is a summary of the key leaning points that you can use to simply refresh your memory when going to the practice green or during a match. If you forget exactly what any of them mean you can always go back and reread the chapter covering that topic. It is also a good practice to read each chapter three times. Your retention is greatly improved once you have gone through the material several times.

Summary of the most important PUTTING FUNDAMENTALS.

1. Keep your head down until after completing your back stroke

2. Form a “V” shape with your shoulders and arms

3. Your shoulders, arms and putter will move as one complete unit

4. The movement of your shoulders and arms should be more of a swivel and not a rotating movement

5. Feet, knees, hips, shoulders and eyes are all parallel to the target line

6. Eyes need to be directly over the ball

7. Lower body is stable

8. Keep your head still

9. Backstroke length should be between 1/3 and 1/2 of the total stroke length ( never have your back stroke length longer than your follow through length)

10. The clubface should be square at impact

11. Light grip pressure is better results in less tension and a better feel of the putter head

12. Putter club head should move along the target line

13. Control distance with the length of your putter stroke

14. Visualize the putt and ball going into the hole before you take your swing

15. Putt with a positive mental attitude and self confidence

16. The putting stroke should flow at an even pace with a sense of rhythm

17. The swing should not have a jerky burst of speed or a sudden long pause

18. The putter should accelerate through impact at a smooth and natural tempo

19. Keep your wrists from flexing, they need to be flat at impact

20. Always be building your confidence, use your memory of past great putts as motivation