golf-putting-lesson-pro-golferOVERVIEW: The golf putting lessons here will take you step by step to develop the proper techniques to achieve a consistent and effective putting stroke. We will be focusing on the most important fundamentals of putting in order for you to become consistent and confident in your game.

golf-putting-lessons-long-puttPutting is the most vital aspect within the game of golf and no professional has ever won a major tournament putting poorly.

There is nothing more frustrating than playing a decent round of golf only to end the day with a lousy score because of the number of missed putts. Although there is a lot to learn in order to master the putter, there are certain basics that each golfer should follow.

The idea is to make every putt as uncomplicated as possible. Each fundamental must be learned fully in order to be proficient at putting and after time and practice your putts will soon become second nature.

Furthermore, these are excellent lessons for any beginner to golf and are also great for advanced players to periodical review the basic elements of a proper putting stroke.

COMPONETS OF PUTTING: In order to learn how to putt successfully you need a smooth repeatable stroke that has the proper form so you can be both accurate and consistent. It also requires a great deal of practice to gain a high level of confidence. Here we have broken down the game of putting into the following components:

GRIPGRIP: As in your golf swing, starting with a proper grip is vital to a good putting stroke. There are a variety of effective putting grips used by both amateurs and professionals. We will explain the different grips used and go into greater detail on the one that is most popular by professionals.

SETUP: Proper stance and the position of your shoulders, feet, hips, head and eyes are the next step in the learning processes.

golf-putting-lesson-golfersPUTTING STOKE: We will breakdown each element of the putting stroke and what you need to be accomplishing. The stroke needs to be consistent with the objective of keeping the putter head square at impact.

READING GREENS: To master putting one needs to have the ability to pick the correct target line. We will next cover how to judge speed and slope.

PREPUTT ROUTINE:  In order to be consistent you need a routine to follow on each putt to be physical and mentally prepared.

By not becoming proficient at any of these elements you will have a weak link in the chain and never be able to fully master putting.

MENTAL ASPECT: Anyone who has putted well understands the mental side and how challenging it can be. A punter in football will practice relentlessly to gain the ability but also the confidence for when the time comes and he is faced with that must have punt to win. A seemingly simple routine punt that he has done hundreds of times in practice is now an enormous stressful challenge when the game is on the line. Sounds familiar.

Developing confidence in your putting game is crucial. We will cover things you can implement to overcome any psychological difficulties you may be experiencing in your game.

PRACTICE DRILLS: Although roughly 40% of your stokes in a game is with the putter, the average golfer does not spent nearly that proportional amount of time on his or hers putting game.

Once you feel confident that you know the proper fundamentals start a practice routine. Commit yourself to improving your golf putting game and remember that it does take a lot of practice and patients.

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