Golf Putting Tips from the Legions of Golf – Nicklaus, Woods, Mickelson, Palmer and more

golf-putting-phil-2All of the PGA tour players who had made it to the top of their profession by winning major championships got there with an excellent putting game. An informative golf putting lesson is to take a look at what these players considered to be important techniques to their putting game. Taken from various interviews, videos and articles we have complied at list from some of the past and present legions of golf of what they considered to be the most important aspect of putting that helped them achieve their high level of success.

Phil Mickelson – winner of 5 majors and 42 PGA tournamentsTIP: The single most critical thing in putting and all that matters is the alignment of the putter face at impact. He says that he can make the most beautiful putting stroke but if the putter face is out of alignment the ball is going to go in wrong direction.

TIP: Phil also says there is a one must in all putting strokes in order to be a good putter and that is your hands have to continue down the target line.

Jack Nicklaus – winner of 18 majors and 73 PGA tour victories

golf-putting-jack-closeupTIP: He recommends visualizing that the putter shaft is made of glass and especially when faced with downhill putts and slick putting greens. He also believes that this will smooth out your stroke.

 “I putt my best when I have a sense of gentleness in my hands, my stroke and the way the ball comes off the putter face. Then the ball rolls consistently, which might just be the secret to fine putting. “ Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer – winner of 62 PGA tournaments and 7 majors

TIP: An important golf putting tip from Palmer is once you get set over the ball you should visualize a little line on the intended line of the putt. Next, while focusing on the line and keeping your eyes and head still then take a smooth putting stroke.

Tiger Woods – winner of 14 majors and 79 PGA tournaments

TIP: Take a picture of your putt in your mind. After reading the green and deciding on how you are going to play the putt, he will take three pictures of the putt in his mind and then come back to the ball and putt to the picture. It frees your mind up and you do not have to worry so much.

golf-putting-travinoLee Trevino – winner of 29 PGA tournaments and 6 majors

TIP: Do not put the ball too far forward in your stance. I found out that by moving the ball back inside my left heel gave me a chance to hit the ball on the way back down of the putting stroke instead up. If you have the ball to far forward you may be hitting the ball on the way up of your putting stroke and the result is a deceleration of the ball and the ball going to the right.

 Tom Watson – winner of 8 majors and 39 PGA tournaments

golf-putting-watson-closeupTIP: He uses the reverse overlap putting grip but puts his little finger from his right hand on the club and overlaps it with forefinger of the left hand. This is opposite of the tradition method of using this grip whereby the little finger of the right hand overlaps the index finger of the left hand. Tom says this gives him a better putting grip because he gets a solid connection with both hands on the golf club.

Ben Crenshaw – winner of 19 PGA tournaments

golf-putting-benTIP: Putt your thumbs down the flat section of the putter and build your fingers around them while applying equal pressure from both hands. The palms should be facing where you want to stroke the ball. You want to feel your thumbs in front of the putter grip and feel the fingers in the back. Now most important, grip the club lightly enough so that the putter feels heavy and you have a lot of sensitivity in your fingers. If you grip tight then the putter club head well feel light. You want to be able to feel the putter head so the putter head does the work. You want to feel the club head swinging.

 TIP: On your setup put a little more weight to your left, roughly 60/40. Lean forward so you get your arms hanging down. Stand with your feet slightly open and have no tension in your shoulders. Bend your knees very slightly. Get yourself set up without any tension so the only thing you feel is your fingers. The key is to get yourself set up so you can feel sensitivity in your fingers.

 Dave Stockton – Two time major winner and Ryder Cup captaingolf-putting-stockton

 TIP: It is far better to have the correct role and distance than to have correct line. Hit with enough pace to get to the hole or 12-14 inches past the hole so you never come up short.

Seve Ballesteros – Five time major winner

TIP: The most important thing with your putting grip is to choose a grip that you are comfortable with. Seve uses the reverse overlapping grip but tailors it to where he feels comfortable by running his right index finger down the shaft.

TIP: On your golf putting setup put the ball aligned off your left heel and feet a little bit opened. Always make sure your eyes are on top of the ball and put a little more weight on the left side.

TIP: The length of your putting stroke take away must be the same as the length of your follow length.

Gary Player – winner of 9 majors and 24 PGA victories

golf-putting-playerTIP: The single most important golf putting tip is do not move your head even slightly or your putter head will go outside the target line. You can use the name or magic marker line on the ball and focuses on having your putter strike through that line. But whatever you do…do not look up at all.

Hale Irwin – winner of 20 PGA tournaments and 3 major victories

TIP: A golf putting lesson from Hale Irwin is to visualize a line from the ball to the cup. When I am putting well it is almost as somebody took out a chalk line and showed me that correct line. I well then look up twice, once to get a general distance and second to make sure my alignment is correct. The most important thing is I am always trying to see that line in my mind from ball to cup.

Greg Norman – winner of 20 PGA tournaments and 2 major victories

golf-putting-normanTIP: A lot of players loosen their grip after they take a practice stroke and then they re-grip the club when they are ready to take their real stroke. Greg Norman well hold putter from the time he takes his practice swings until he makes his real putt and not re-grips the club.

“The key is to make your practice stroke more than a wave of the putter. It should be a dress rehearsal for the swing, using exactly the same length and force of swing that you want to apply to the actual stroke. Then, maintain that hold on the putter and step into the real thing. The swing feel will still be in your hands.” Greg Norman

TIP: Another golf putting tip from Greg Normand is on breaking putts pick out a spot at the apex or point where you feel the ball will break and then align yourself to that spot. Do not look past this spot or at the hole. If you do you may have the tendency to swing in the wrong direction. Anything past this spot is a mute point because once the ball reaches it, it well roll on its own.



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