Ben Crenshaw Shares his Best Tips on Putting

HIGHLIGHTS: Ben Crenshaw goes over the putter grip he uses and why he uses it plus how he sets up and what he is trying to accomplish in his putting stroke.

Source: rbecgolf

Summary of Key Putting Tips:

  • Use the flat section of the putter grip and build your fingers around that.
  • Use equal pressure with both hands.
  • Keep the palms facing each other.
  • I like to feel my fingers in the back of the grip.
  • Try to make the grip as sensitive as you possibly can.
  • Hold the club light enough so the putter head feels heavy.
  • Put a little more weight on your left side, roughly 60-40%
  • Get your arms hanging down and feeling loose and do not have any tension in your shoulders.
  • You should stand with your feet slightly open or square.
  • The over key is to have no tension so you can feel the putter and develop a smooth tempo.


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