setup_3 There are two fundamentals to all good putting posture and that is getting as comfortable as you can and secondly making sure your eyes are directly over the ball at address. Although many professionals have slight variations in their stance, there are key elements that will enable you to be a successful putter. First, square […] Continue reading →

Gate Drill – Improving Accuracy

golf-putting-gate-drill-tw-golfer GATE DRILL: After becoming fairly consistent with keeping your ball straight with the tunnel drill you can now practice the Gate Drill. This is a favorite putting drill practiced often by Tiger Woods and the main benefit is to improve your accuracy. All this requires is two tees spread apart the width of your putter. […] Continue reading →

Curing Problems

clubs-as-quide Poor Accuracy & Distance If you are experiencing a general decrease in your overall putting game then the first thing to do is go back and review the basic putting fundamentals. It maybe just a bad habit that you picked up or just not implementing a key putting fundamental. Professional golfer Tom Watson says that whenever […] Continue reading →