Tunnel Drill -Improving Accuracy

tunnel_1 The Tunnel Drill is a drill to help you with swinging the putter square to the target line, improving your accuracy and proper set up. To start the tunnel drill find a practice area that is relatively flat. • Pick out a practice hole that is relatively flat. • Use the width of your putter head […] Continue reading →

Gate Drill – Improving Accuracy

golf-putting-gate-drill-tw-golfer GATE DRILL: After becoming fairly consistent with keeping your ball straight with the tunnel drill you can now practice the Gate Drill. This is a favorite putting drill practiced often by Tiger Woods and the main benefit is to improve your accuracy. All this requires is two tees spread apart the width of your putter. […] Continue reading →

Two Ball Drill – Improving Accuracy

two-ball-drill The main purpose of the Two Ball Drill is to determine it your striking the ball with a square putter head. To begin with take two balls and lay them on the green together. •Go ahead and take your putting stoke and hit both balls at the same time. •If the balls move together in a straight […] Continue reading →

Parallel Clubs Drill – Improving Accuracy

golf-putting-parrallel-clubs-drill The main benefit of this golf putting drill is to help you keep your wrists from turning during your putting stoke. If the wrists flex during your stoke it is very difficult to hit the ball square. This drill also teaches rhythm and flow and gives both hands an equal role and helps prevent either […] Continue reading →