Stroke Length Drill – Controlling Distance

putting-stroke-length Putting Stoke Length: The lengthen of your backstroke should be about the same distance as your follow through length. We do not want to apply any sudden burst of power with our hands. If we want to make a 30 foot putt we should not take the club back only a few inches and then […] Continue reading →

Cage Drill – Controlling Distance

putting-drill-cage The cage drill is to help you with determining the correct distance and always getting to the hole or just past it if you miss. The old saying is very true, Never Up, Never In. You always want to apply enough speed to either get to the hole or just beyond it. Once a ball […] Continue reading →

All in a Row Drill – Warm Up & Controlling Distance

putting-drill-all-in-row Overview: The benefits of this golf putting drill is similiar to the circle drill in which it helps your tempo and rhythm but also works on your feel for distance.To begin with line up seven to eight balls in a row. •Start with the closest ball to hole and putt. •Keep moving father out until […] Continue reading →