7 Golf Putting Fundamentals that are Critical in Order to Achieve Solid Results

golf-putting-closeup-shoe-ballAlthough the putting styles of PGA tour players do differ in some areas there are certain putting fundamentals that they all incorporate into their game because of the proven positive results. An example of this is the type of putting grips they use do vary however they all practice keeping their eyes directly over the ball at set up. Another example is that they all have a structured preputt routine that they follow so that they cover all bases and gather all the information they need to make sound putting decisions. This article is not necessarily a golf putting lesson but a list of the most important putting basics.


Below is an outline of the generic golf putting fundamentals that must be incorporated into your putting game in order to achieve the highest level of positive results that your capable of. If any our missing you well have a weak link in the chain.

(1) Establish a PrePutt Routine:

Every PGA tour player has a preputt routine even though the steps they follow may vary among players. This routine at a minimum should include surveying the green from a distance before you even reach the green. Looking for ponds, lakes and mountains that may have an effect on the overall tilt of the green. Checking out the conditions of the grass, wet or dry, and the direction of the grain of the grass. You need to get a view of your lie from all angles to determine your target line and how the ball is going to react. Make a list of all the things you should do and follow this list in order every time until it becomes second nature.

(2) Proper Body Alignment:

Once you have determined your target line the next step is to properly setup your body. That is your shoulders, hips and feet must all be parallel to the target line. Also extremely important is to position your eyes over the ball.

(3) One Piece Upper Body:Golf_Putting_stroke_lesson

A key putting fundamental is that your upper body needs to act as one solid unit. Your arms and shoulders should form a “V” shape and move together during your putting stroke. Keep your head steady during your swing and strike the ball with your upper body rotation and not with your hands or wrists. This technique well aid in keeping your putter head square at impact.

(4) Stable Lower Body:

It is critical that your lower body stays quiet and does not sway. Prevent any lower body movement by keeping your feet, knees and hips from moving. Movement in your lower body may throw the path of your putting stroke off the target line. It may be helpful to review the golf putting lessons on setup, posture and putting stroke.

 (5) Wrist Control:

Your wrists need flat during the entire putting stroke. Any flexing of the wrists well result in unnecessary power to your stroke. Also, any bending of the wrist may also cause your putter club face to impact the ball in the wrong direction.

(6) Smooth Rhythm and Tempo:

Your ultimate goal is to develop a repetitive putting stroke that is smooth with a flowing tempo throughout your entire swing. You do not want any jerky movements and the stroke to have smooth and controlled acceleration when striking the ball. An excellent putting drill for improving your rhythm and tempo is to take practice putts with your eyes closed. This well train your mind to visualize your putts and help strengthen and develop a smooth rhythm to your putting game.

(7) High Level of Confidence:

Build a high level of confidence in your ability and trust in yourself. This maybe the hardest fundamental to develop. However, by allocating time to practice putting drills, developing a positive attitude and spending at least fifteen minutes on the practice green before a match you well be able to putt with a level of confidence.

After reviewing these critical putting fundamentals you should re-examine your own game and determine if you are incorporating these techniques in your putting game. If you are missing any of these trying incorporating them into your game. This maybe an opportunity to help improve your game and lower your score. For more details on any of these fundamentals review the golf putting lessons available on our main menu.



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