Basic Putting Fundamentals from PGA Instructor Ted Stonehouse

HIGHLIGHTS: Canadian PGA Professional Ted Stonehouse, teaching putting fundamentals. Overview of the basic putting fundamentals key to a successful putting game. Illustrates how to build a solid putting grip, proper eye position, correct upper and lower body and implementing the upper body triangle method.

Source: Bell Bay Golf Club’s Golf Academy

Summary of Key Putting Tips:

  • Putting is very personal but there are certain key fundamentals you should follow
  • Set up a good triangle upper body one piece setup and swing with a pendulum motion
  • The upper body should swing as one complete unit
  • Use the reverse overlap grip but extend your left index finger over top the right fingers in order to cut down on the wrists flexing
  • Keep eyes directly over the golf ball
  • In your stance have feet parallel along the target line
  • Recommends that the back stroke length should be 1/3 and the follow through length 2/3
  • Golf balls well break sooner on downhill lies. On uphill lies it well not break until it slows down.


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